Brighton Condo Inventory and Time on Market

This is not the first post I am writing about Brighton condo market getting tighter.  A few weeks ago I wrote about dwindling inventory of condos available for sale and the huge drop in time on market, which I named, “Brighton Feels like 2004.”

Inventory and days on market go hand in hand.  These indicators are usually interpreted as the homeowners’ belief in immanent rising prices.  Time on market fell from 70 days on market in May 2010 to 33 days on market this past May.

Steady downward trend, with lower peaks and lower valleys.

Time on market for sold condos in Brighton.


If the claustrophobia in your Brighton condo is getting a bit much, give me a call at 617-291-0323.  This may be your opportunity for a  move-up.


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