New Construction Englewood Ave

Brookline, MA Real Estate Question: What’s Going on On Englewood Ave?

New Construction Englewood Ave

Picture taken 12/27/2012

New construction is a rare but welcome occurrence for Brookline, MA real estate.  Behind 1842 Beacon Street, on Englewood Avenue, there is a construction site.  Home buyers and those who are simple curious ask me about this spot regularly. But home buyers and condo searchers will be disappointed to learn this building is all rentals for now.

 Brookline, MA Apartment Construction Site Details

  • Almost the whole construction site is within Brookline, just a little corner in Boston
  •  The address is 20 Englewood Avenue
  • This will be a three story Brookline, MA building with a two level garage
  • 20 units, 16 two bedrooms, four one bedrooms
  • 81 parking spaces.
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Map View of 1842 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA


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