How I help sellers

Buying a new home or condo is incredibly overwhelming, especially in Boston’s complex real estate market. Most of the buyers who come to me do so because they’ve been having a hard time finding someone who will give them clear, solid guidance. As a result, they feel stressed out and confused. They’re also prone to making bad decisions.

Thus, I’m committed to being the vital resource that clients need to make their best purchase decisions. To me, that’s what being a Realtor is all about: overseeing the process, watching out for the best interests of my clients, and making sure that they understand and are comfortable with every decision they’re making.

I break the entire transaction down into small, manageable pieces and provide useful, insightful, no-nonsense advice during every step of the process. I like to think that I’ve got a talent for this sort of thing, and I think the buyers who have worked with me in the past would agree.