Spare Yourself the Headaches of a Home Sale

Listing your home on the market for sale can be a list of hassles and annoyances – from the day you list to the day you close.  But if you take a little bit of time and invest in getting yourself prepared, you’ll have fewer headaches.  Do this right, and you’ll have buyers falling in love with your home.

You know that without curb appeal, you won’t get people indoors to see your lovely home.  It is vital you get the outside to reflect the pride you have in your home.  Both landscaping and the outside condition are imperative in creating the warm homey feeling people want.  Your home should say to buyers, “Living here feels right.”

Next ensure that the inside says the same thing.  Getting rid of the clutter and getting the house sparkling is a big start but there are many other things to make the house feel great to the largest number of possible buyers.  Seek your agent’s advice or a hire a professional stager.  The time and money invested will more than pay off.  You’ll be so pleased with the results, you may even consider staying!

If your home is in great condition, you are doing yourself a big favor in avoiding costly arguments and hearing grievances from your prospective buyers.  The house or condo  shouldn’t only look good, it should be working properly.  Think of it this way, if the buyer’s inspection turn up many unexpected items, you’ll have to repair them or pay for them when you haven’t planned on doing so.  Instead, bring in your own inspector or do the repairs you know you should be doing anyway.

Don’t forget getting all the pesky paperwork in order.  Warranties, contracts, loans, and any major repairs that may require proof later on can all be useful, if not necessary.

Spend a little time before the home is listed, and you’ll enjoy your easy-breezy sale with all the glowing reviews from buyers that your home deserves.

What do you dread about selling your home?  Comment below.

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