Bad Service from a Real Estate Agent

Bad service offends me.  For me, one of the best parts of the reach of social media and the internet in general is how word travels fast and far, no one gets away with disappointing people too much.  This has increased competition to the point that as consumers we expect great service.  At least we should.

Currently, I’m in a disagreement with a local place of business which provides classes for toddlers and babies.  I signed-up weeks ago for an art class for my two-year-old, and after one class I realized this is not for us.  It was poorly done in various ways.  In requesting my money back and trying to elegantly bow out of this class without offending anyone, I’ve been put through a ringer of nonsense, store policies and at exhausting email exchanges.

What I can’t believe is that there was no guarantee.  You did a terrible job, should you get paid?  If you say yes, then you are doing some bad business and you are not going to last. Not in today’s world of accessibility to opinions.

As a real estate agent, I never got paid unless I did my job 100%.   Not 98%, but 100%.  And I didn’t get half paid for a half job.  The real estate agent gets paid only once there is a successful closing on home.  And whether it took me 10 hours or 1,000 hours doesn’t matter.   It is in our contracts with the buyers and the sellers.

This is why cynicism about the role of a real estate agent gets me so annoyed.  The overwhelming majority of agents have incredible dedication to service.  I’m not saying they are all great at what they do, but they are about service.  Well…

And then there are the crappy agents, the ones who can’t wait for you to just pick a house and sign the paperwork, the ones that don’t care if you have doubts, but instead do a “sales” job on you to get you to closing no matter what.   These are the real estate agents everyone hears about, but keeps working with them.  Why?  When a seller or buyer has a bad agent, why don’t they fire them?

Why are some of these self-serving agents so successful?  This is what I don’t understand, not in this day and age.  I know a few moderately to highly successful real estate agents who manipulate and push, who are so focused on the closing check that they just blitzkrieg through a sale…as if it was about them!

These agents are the exception, but I ask of all of the home buyers and home sellers to trust your gut and if you don’t like your agent, fire him or her, or call the manager.  Interview several agents before you pick someone, and never ever go against your own instincts and needs.  Tell your real estate agent, your lawyer, your doctor and your landscaper, and your toddler’s activity center what you want and need.

Don’t just watch your time and money wasted and then complain.  Instead, be an active participant in creating an efficient market with high standards for service.

Speak up!  Have you had some bad service recently?  Every worked with a bad real estate agent?