Condo or Single Family?

Buyers sometimes shun the idea of a condo when they can find a single family in their price range.  I can understand that.  There are so many advantages to a single family!  Privacy, control over the house, your own yard and driveway, etc.

Boston real estate prices are comparatively high.  Thus I suggest, for those buyers who are searching in the lower end of the single family housing market, to also look at similarly priced condos.

Here are two West Roxbury homes for sale.  Both are great option for anyone looking for a home priced in the $400,000’s.  First, it’s the two level condo at 75 Russett Road and the second is a ranch at 8 Cricket Lane.  Both are superb locations, have two full baths, and both homes are easy to love.  The condo, priced 439K needs no work and has extensive well maintained beautiful wood details.  The house, priced 449K is a single level and will need a facelift, especially kitchen and bath.

It’s your choice.

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