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Where to Advertise a FSBO? The FSBO Online Resource List

FSBO, Boston Real EstateReal estate agents deliver tremendous value to home sellers and home buyers.  I have a belief in the importance of my work and it seems my clients agree.  Yet, some homeowners want to venture into the world of For-Sale-By-Owners.  In another post of tips for FSBO’s, I’ve shared some key elements for success.

In this post I’ve compiled a list of online resources for FSBO’s.  Choose to work with those that best suit your property and budget.

  1. For Sale By Owner.com This is the most well known website for FSBO’s, with a 14 day free trial.  You can post up to 6 photos, print flyers, write a description of the home.  Once you are a paying customer, your home can be advertised on Realtor.com and MLS.
  2. Owners.com.  Lot’s of online resources, high satisfaction rating, and a connection with Realtor.com and MLS.
  3. Craig’s List.  Post for free, but ensure you do not post your ad more than once a week.  Be aware that you will likely receive inquiries from bargain hunters.
  4. All The Listings.com. Post your ad for free, claimed to be search-engine friendly.  You have premium membership options.
  5. FSBOads.com.  Free advertising until the closing date.
  6. Miadomo.com. Claiming worldwide exposure for you ad, a free listing allows for 12 pictures, and $2 more if you want to be a “featured” listing.
  7. Virtual FSBO.com. Offering flat fee MLS, and syndication to Google Real Estate and other FSBO websites.
  8. Caagal.com. Free advertising for your property, wherever it is!
  9. Backpage.com.  This website will remind you of what Craig’s List used to be.  Clean, simple, great place to find anything.
  10. And one more resource.  If you are selling your real estate in the Boston area, I’ll happily write a blog post about your home and promote it through my distribution channels.  Write me directly if you are interested.

Be aware when you search for where to post your advertisement for your home, some websites are a lead generation resource for Realtors.  This is not necessarily bad, but it is unlikely to fill your need for exposure for your home.

Good luck!

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  1. Ruth Malkin-Lerner
    Ruth Malkin-Lerner says:

    Thanks, Anita. These sites are the better ones. There are a lot of sites that say “free ad” but they are just prospecting websites for agents. Obviously I have no problem with prospecting, but I don’t like that they mislead the home sellers.

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