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Top Vegan Restaurants In The Boston Area For Hungry Vegans

In some areas of the country, vegans have no choice but to stick to salads, or to cook at home. That’s not true in the Boston Metro Area, however. You’ll find plenty of vibrant vegan options in many of our hottest neighborhoods.

Put on something nice and bring your appetite–it’s time to go exploring!

458 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

A vegan-friendly spot with a classic diner twist. This Cambridge favorite serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and everything is made from scratch. It’s not 100% vegan (some options are merely vegetarian) but there are still dozens of 100% vegetarian options left on the menu.

2) Life Alive

765 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

Another Cambridge restaurant, with additional locations in Lowell and Salem. Every bite you take here will be local and organically grown, free from chemicals and artificial colors or flavors. Their smoothies, sandwiches, and wraps make for delightful lunches.


3) Red Lentil

600 Mt. Auburn, Watertown

This Watertown restaurant has won many awards. It serves breakfast, brunch, and  lunch. Enjoy red lentil soup with local Iggy’s bread, a variety of salads, sandwiches, and wraps, and main dishes like sweet potato quesadillas or their Indonesian stir-fry. Each dish is beautifully presented, transforming dining into a delectable delight.

best vegan food boston4) True Bistro

1153 Broadway, Somerville

If you’re looking for a gorgeous spot for date night, Somerville’s True Bistro is the way to go. Soft lighting and elegant table settings create a romantic atmosphere. As for the food, you can enjoy a variety of both small and large plates here. There are also a wide variety of lovely wines to enjoy. Save room for dessert–some of True Bistro’s offerings are absolutely sinful.

best vegan food boston5) Zhu-Pan Asia

166 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington

An intimate setting with vegan versions of all your Chinese favorites. Enjoy General Tso’s Soy Protein, Mango Soy Protein or Malaysian Curry Stew, just to name a few. Everything here is MSG-free, GMO-free, meat-free and dairy-free, so you won’t have to work too hard to find something to enjoy.


6) Dosa-N-Curry

447 Somerville, Somerville, MA

Another Somerville favorite. This Indian restaurant is 100% vegan. The lunch buffet is especially good, offering quick, safe, and flavorful options, allowing you to dash in and out before getting back to the day’s work.

best vegan food boston7) Cafe Barada

2269 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

Another Cambridge favorite, Cafe Barada is a great spot to enjoy fine vegan Lebanese cuisine. This restaurant simply has vegan options, rather than being 100% vegan. This makes it a fine place to visit when you’re out with your carnivorous friends. You’ll find plenty of options to enjoy: try the Mujadara, the Falafel, or the Vegetarian Kibby.

8) Clover Food Lab

6 Harvard St., Brookline

This Brookline favorite focuses on simple, yet carefully prepared vegan food, made fresh and in-house every single day. Furthermore, the food is actually fast! The folks at the Food Lab will serve you in 3.5 minutes. The menu changes every day, which means there’s always something new to explore when you stop in and visit. You can even submit your own recipe ideas. Come at least once for the drinks alone.

best vegan food boston9) Deep Ellum

477 Cambridge St., Allston

Want beer with your vegan fare? Then you’ll want to try Deep Ellum. This Gastro pub will delight you with its Avocado Tartine, Fresh Pretzels, or Wild Mushroom & Barley Risotto. This is another locale where your carnivorous friends will also be able to find plenty that will make them happy.



10) Arum Catering & Hand Pies

377 Centre St., Jamaica Plain

This little spot in Jamaica Plain serves “hand pies,” which are something like a pita and something like a calzone. They also offer plenty of soups, salads, juices, and sides. Don’t feel like going out? Don’t worry…they also deliver.

11) Walnut Grille

1203 Walnut St., Newton Highlands

A go-to lunch and dinner favorite for residents of Newton and Newton Highlands. The dishes at the Walnut Grille are all beautifully prepared, 100% organic vegetarian and vegan options. They serve brunch, lunch, and dinner, and you’ll find a wide variety of soups, salads, burgers, bowls, pizzas and sandwiches, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
Is your mouth watering yet? I’ve got even better news. I’ve only really given you the highlights here. There are over 60 vegetarian and vegan-friendly options in Boston and nearby neighborhoods. That’s more than enough to make sure your taste buds never get bored!