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Bargains In Housing Are Coming . . . Just Not Yet

There is a shift that is coming in the real estate market. Baby boomers, Generation X,  2040. Here’s my thoughts on what’s going to happen:  Hi everybody. It’s Ruth. Happy New Year. Zillow recently did a study about how the Baby Boomer generation is going to effect the housing market. Now baby boomers are those […]

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Seasonality of the Real Estate Market in Boston

You may be surprised to learn that the real estate market is very strong in the colder months in Boston. Here’s why:   Hi everybody, it’s Ruth. Many people ask me this time of year in the colder months as the winter comes, is the real estate market still strong? I want to talk about […]

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People Are Staying Longer: Impact on Boston Housing

An article in The Wall Street Journal talks about the reason there’s a shortage of housing inventory. It’s even worse in Boston. Here’s why:   Hi everybody. It’s Ruth. The Wall Street Journal had a great article recently about how the shortage of of home inventory can be attributed much of it to people staying in […]

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The Impact of Class Mobility on the Housing Market

Housing shortages, increasing housing prices, class mobility . . . . here’s what you need to know:   Hi everybody. It’s Ruth. I want to talk about class mobility. Class mobility is really, I believe, an essential component to economic fairness, economic health, and really societal health in my opinion. So the most important aspect […]

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Zillow iBuyer: What You Need To Know

Have you heard of Zillow’s newest program iBuyer? Here’s my thoughts on how it impacts you as a home seller:   Hi everybody. It’s Ruth. I’m sitting in the car in Newton and I wanted to share a few thoughts about one of my favorite topics, which is Zillow. So Zillow has a program called […]

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To Flip or Not To Flip a Property?

Should you flip a home in Boston? Here’s my thoughts:   Hi everybody. It’s Ruth. I want to talk about flipping properties today because I’ve had a couple of questions about it in the past couple of weeks. So what is flipping properties? It’s when you’re buying a home that needs to be renovated, renovating […]

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Are Real Estate Agents Becoming Obsolete?

There is new data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that shows some surprises about the percentage of people using a realtor:   Hi everybody. It’s Ruth. In 2002 when I got my real estate license, I remember somebody telling me, “Why are you becoming a real estate agent? Don’t you know real estate […]

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