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When you buy a home in Chestnut Hill you’re putting down roots in one of Boston’s most prestigious neighborhoods. All of the homes here are stately, scenic, and luxurious, promising a true “dream home” experience.

Chestnut Hill is home to Boston College as well as to fabulous shopping destinations. It also contains incredible historic sites. The residents here are known for being friendly, open, and waiting to meet you—don’t be surprised if you receive a dinner party invitation on your first night in your new home.


Chestnut Hill’s median income is impressive at $114,803. Residents here expect the best, and receive it. Owning a home in Chestnut Hill means living a life of genteel luxury that exemplifies the American Dream at its finest.


The famous landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted designed Chestnut Hill. His was the same hand that lovingly traced the lines of New York’s Central Park two centuries ago. His touch is evident in the neighborhood’s stately architecture and stunning views.

Reginald Fessenden, the father of broadcast radio, once called Chestnut Hill home. His home stands here today as a US National Landmark. The neighborhood has held several sports world notables as well, including Robert Kraft, Theo Epstein, Terry Francona and John W. Henry.


The Chestnut Hill area is one of the nation’s most affluent neighborhoods, and it shows in each and every one of the homes here. It’s a bustling, busy retail mecca, but it’s also pretty and well-planned. It’s also undergoing a sort of renaissance designed to help draw Chestnut Hill into the 21st century. Plans are in place to transform this district into a walkable urban haven of stately sidewalks and unique boutiques. At the moment you’ll still need a car to get around in some areas.

Care has been taken to ensure that the terrain of each home’s works with the natural landscape, as almost all of the homes in this area were designed by professional architects during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Native plants and trees adorn most lawns as respect for the land’s unique character has predominated in Chestnut Hill since Olmsted first designed the neighborhood.

Types of Homes

The homes here are graced with fine architecture from the Tudor Revival, the Victorian Period and the Colonial Era. They are estates as much as they are homes, inviting you to experience life in a bygone-era luxury retreat while maintaining access to everything that the neighborhood and the greater Boston area have to offer.

Most of these homes have plenty to recommend them, including dramatic views, breathtaking landscaping and huge windows capable of filling every space with beautiful, natural light.

But this zip codes is not only for the wealthy.  There are lovely tree-lined side streets with more modest homes in areas of South Brookline, West Roxbury.


Chestnut Hill is within easy reach of the Massachusetts Turnpike as well as Route 9. It is also served by the MBTA Green Line and bus line, though in certain parts of the neighborhood a car is required for true comfort.


Chestnut Hill is not its own municipality and does not have its own school system. Instead it covers parts of Brookline, Newton, Brighton, and West Roxbury. Your child’s school assignment will depend upon your location within the area. Brookline and Newton have their own school systems. Brighton and West Roxbury are served by the Boston Public School system.

If the public schools do not appeal then consider sending your children to any of Chestnut Hill’s fine private schools. You’ll be close to the Beaver Day School, the Chestnut Hill School, Brimmer, and May.


You can view the Chestnut Hill Spot Crime map to get a better understanding of neighborhood safety. In general, crime rates in Chestnut Hill are quite low. Depending on where you live in the neighborhood you may either be served by The Brookline PD or the Newton PD.

Houses of Worship

The Church of the Redeemer Cooperative and the First Church in Chestnut Hill are both close by, as is The Boston Tenriko Fellowship, the Congregation Mishkan Tefila, and Temple Emeth.


Chestnut Hill puts you in the heart of the Boston metro area with all that it has to offer. Outdoor lovers will also enjoy the rock climbing, fishing, and hiking at the Hammond Pond Reservation. You can also relax and unwind at the LA Sports Club or catch a movie at the Showcase Cinema de Lux. Chestnut Hill offers plenty of opportunities to explore and play without ever leaving the boundaries of the neighborhood.


Many Chestnut Hill residents enjoy spending time at the Chestnut Hill Reservation. A dog friendly, healthy, and scenic trail surrounds the reservoir itself, offering a clean, beautiful place to take a stroll or a jog.

Indoor Activities

Chestnut Hill is the go-to destination for people who love shopping. You’ll be close to the Mall at Chestnut Hill as well as the Chestnut Hill shopping center, both right off of Boylston Street. The Chestnut Hill Shopping Center offers over 400,000 square feet of pure retail bliss.

I love visiting both centers, as well as The Shops at Putterham. Some of my neighborhood favorites include the Avery and Co. Gift Shop, Cheryl Ann’s Bakery, Healthworks Gym, and Bloomingdales.

 My Favorite Restaurants

Sweet Greens is a don’t-miss destination, especially if you love the idea of enjoying farm-to-table soups and salads. The Putterham Grille is another local favorite. They serve memorable and unique Mediterranean-inspired dishes with fine, fresh ingredients, and their menu does include great options for vegetarians and vegans. The Chestnut Hill Restaurant offers great breakfast fare. Cheryl Anne’s Kosher Bakery is another go-to destination for me. Try their challah or their Black Forest cake: you won’t be disappointed.

Why I Love Working Here

I enjoy working with the gorgeous, stately homes that dominate the landscape here in Chestnut Hill. I also love the sharp, clean, and busy atmosphere of the place. There are so many things to do, see, explore, and enjoy. Everything about Chestnut Hill just radiates class and grace.

Want to Know More About Chestnut Hill?

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Homes in Chestnut Hill, MA

Below are statistics for houses sold in Chestnut Hill, zip code 02467, in 2012:

Range of prices: $403,000 – $5,130,000

Average price:  $1,170,000

Median price:: $875,000

Below are statistics for condominiums sold in Chestnut Hill, zip code 02467, in 2012:

Range of prices: $104,000 – $1,440,000

Average price:  $537,000        Median price:: $428,000

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