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How Home Sellers Can Maximize Buyer Offers

Today’s market can be a difficult one for many sellers to navigate. While your real estate agent can advise you, the ultimate decision of what offer to accept is entirely up to you. This decision can come with quite a bit of pressure. Even in the most favorable of markets this can be a difficult […]

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90 Kilsyth Road Unit 2 in Brighton: Cleveland Circle Condo

Kilsyth Road runs through both Brighton and Brookline.  It is one of the prettiest streets in the area,  lined with trees and a combination of historical Victorian houses and tidy brownstones. 90 Kilsyth Road is steps to Cleveland Circle and a walk to Washington Square.  In just a couple of minutes you are at the C, D or B lines […]

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How Landlords Save the World

The title of this entry is over-the-top, I admit, but I am just here to stick up for the landlords out there who are trying to do some good.  The word “landlord” in itself has some negativity associated with it, and the use of “lord” in this context is distasteful in our American sensibility.  In […]

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Three Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate can seem overwhelming and reserved for the very rich.  In the current economic conditions and marketplace, it may even feel a bit too risky.  But if you’ve ever thought real estate investing may be right for you, this is a great time to learn about your options and how it can […]

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Top Three Reasons Why Property Investment Is King

No one wants to hear this, but I’m saying it anyway.  Real estate is the best long-term financial investment.  Phew…that’s a relief. With the real estate market in the dumps for several years now, it is not easy to get back into the pro-property mind-set.  But, it is exactly at these times that you should […]

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The Strategy for Home Hunting Without Fear

As any daredevil, extreme sports addict or adrenaline junkie knows, well-grounded preparation for the specific task at hand is what takes the fear out of trying. The sometimes risky sport of home buying is no different. Those who’ve suffered the agony of defeat in what’s likely the most dangerous consumer game, learned the hard way […]

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So You Want to Be a Landlord?

Today I rented out my condo in Brighton. Every time I visit a great investment property it makes me want to own more and more. The way I feel about real estate is the way I feel about books – you can’t have too many. But unlike books, investment properties can be demanding in way […]

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Make the Best Offer on a Hot Property

Yes, even in a buyer’s market, a buyer is not in total control of the outcome of an offer to purchase. There are many situations in which properties are hot, and they will have several offers from buyers. Situations in which you, as a buyer, may not be holding all the cards include buying properties […]

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Bad Service from a Real Estate Agent

Bad service offends me.  For me, one of the best parts of the reach of social media and the internet in general is how word travels fast and far, no one gets away with disappointing people too much.  This has increased competition to the point that as consumers we expect great service.  At least we […]

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